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Format of Chinese Letters(中文信件的格式) – How to Write Letters in Chinese? 怎么用中文写信?



To make more friends in China, you need to know how to write letters in Chinese.



Here is an example:



Respected Professor Chen:


Thank you for inviting me to attend the 97th anniversary of Xiamen University. It is my great honor. I will arrive Xiamen around the afternoon of this Friday, and I want to visit you at your house on Friday evening. I hope you will be available then.



                                                          Truly Yours,

   Wang Jun



November 15th, 2018


1.The format of Chinese letters is basically the same as English letters. The names of the recipients and the senders must be written.


Before the names of the recipients, these adjectives can be added:


“Respected” + “teachers or older people”

“敬爱的”+ 老师或者长辈



“Dear” + “close friends”

“亲爱的”+ 亲密的朋友


2.For the body part, leave blank spaces of TWO Chinese characters at the beginning of each paragraph. This is also the requirement of all formal Chinese writings.



3.The name of the sender of the letter: You can directly write down the name or add some adjectives before or after the name. For example:


“XX(yours name)”+“敬上” → when you are writing to teachers or older or somebody you respect

“您的学生(your students)”+“XX(yours name)” → only when you are writing to your teachers

“想你的(who is missing you)” + “XX(yours name)” → only when you are writing to close friends or your partner


4.Date 日期

Different from the way that people write dates in English, the date in Chinese is written in the order of year-month-day.

和英文中写日期的习惯不同,中文的日期是按照 年-月-日 的顺序额排列的。

For example:

例如:2019年5月14日 = May 14th, 2019


However, the business writing of Chinese is different from writing the letters to friends, and we will introduce you some basic skills of business Chinese writing next time.




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