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Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) scheduled to open this summer 港珠澳大桥开通刺激旅游


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) scheduled to open this summer will reshape the tourism landscape among the three regions, Macao Daily reported.


The 55-km bridge will be the world’s longest sea bridge when it opens.


Major travel agencies in Guangdong are currently promoting HZMB tour packages at prices from about 100 to 600 yuan, attracting inquiries from more than 30,000 tourists in the Pearl River Delta region.


开通在即 港珠澳大桥将催生旅游圈

Su Yingshan of Guangzhilv tourism agency said a “three-hour tour and golden circle” will be formed thanks to the bridge, road networks and rail links to other cities, making more travel itineraries available.


An increasing number of residents in west Guangdong are expected to visit Hong Kong.


Travel insiders in Guangdong also said the Jiangmen-Zhanjiang railway already put into operation will closely link four cities in western Guangdong and their diverse cultural charms with the Pearl Delta Region, Hong Kong and Macao.

(来源 中国日报网,kekenet.com 编辑)

Key words:

开通    kāi tōng    open

格局    gé jú         pattern,framework

咨询    zī xún      seek advice from; hold counsel with; consult

预计    yù jì         predict; forecast; expect; calculate in advance



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