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Can you understand what they sing?/他们都唱了什么?

Everyone who learned Chinese has special tricks, one of them is music.
(BTW, a lot of Chinese use music to learn English too) 

With this convenient tool, the efficiency of your learning will be improved, you don’t want to use this weapon in a wrong way.


Always remember to start with easy one, and by “easy” I mean regular pop songs sang by singers with good pronunciation.

(So Chinese rap is definitely not a good choice to start)


I have prepared 5 Chinese songs ranked accord to its difficulty.

Give it a shot!

月亮代表我的心Yuè liàng dài biǎo wǒ de xīn

Teresa Teng’s representative work, slow melody, beautiful voice.

Level 1

大海Dà hǎi

Tom Zhang, a talented singer who died young, this is one of his masterpieces.

Level 2

北京 北京běi jīng  běi jīng

Chinese rock and roll have never been accepted by the world, but it will get better. Wang Feng is from Beijing, you will never find a better pronunciation than his.

Level 3

一无所有yī wú suǒ yǒu

The father of Chinese rock music. A little difficult.

Level 4



听妈妈的话tīng mā mā de huà

Jay’s song is like Everest in Chinese learning to every Chinese learner, mostly because of his accent…..

If you can understand what he sings, congratulations.

Level 5

Due to the issue of copyright, Chinlingo can’t provide these songs for you. Sorry.


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