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After a trip in China|歪果仁来中国旅游后

Travelling is a good way to know a country’s good side and bad side.
Good or bad, you can find out on your own.

Like what they do in this video.


 1 Learned a little crosstalk called “地理图”
Just kidding, names of citiy can be learned easily by travellers, but you gotta admit some names are difficult….Like this dude……it took me forever to figure out the actual word he said……

It’s not “总在鸡zǒng zài jī ”,it’s “张家界zhāng jiā jiè ”.

 2 All the places they love
China is big country, I’m sure you all have your own favorite places for all kinds of reasons, reasons like…..

 3 Of course, there were troublesLanguage(That’s why we learn)

There is a Chinese phrase says: 人有三急(rén yǒu sān jí ), one of these “急” is going to restroom. Apparently some toilets in China have been giving foreigners problems. 

 4  Disappointment?
Of course there were, it’s not a perfect world.

However, there are something we can do, like this little lad, I suggest he do more exercises.

Bad weather is always a mood killer.

 5 Any tips?

Well,we have a winner….. that’s the spirit….perhaps it’s the most practical suggestion.

What a kind lady. So moved.

Don’t against the law is always important.

China is not perfect, but I’m sure we can do better!


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