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Why do you need learn Chinese?|你究竟为何学中文?

There are at least six reasons
1 商务(shāng wù)Business
Globalization initiates global business. Online or offline, people have to communicate with each other. 

Learning a little language of the country you do business with 

makes you look professional.


2 学习(xué xí)Study
We did street interview called āáǎà.(详情移步B站关注chinlingo)

The top 3 difficulties in China the overseas students talked about was language, language and language.


3 旅游(lǚ yóu )Travel
Have you ever had this experience?You: 你好!(The only Chinese you know)Chinese: Wow, your Chinese is pretty good! Can we talk in Chinese?



Well, learn more, learn better, 

blew their mind!


4 兴趣(xìng qù)Interest
I bet some of our followers reading this article are interested in something that only China has, like our history, ancient poem or traditional Chinese medicine. To meet the needs of your curiosity, 

a little bit Chinese can be a big help.


5 工作(gōng zuò )Work
Imagine this, a foreigner works in China is fully capable of doing his job and learn to speak Chinese, a big raise is literally waiting for him.


6 天赋(tiān fù )Talent
Someone are born to learn language, it’s like talent and gift. Heinrich Schliemann, a legendary archeologist, was one of this kind, he was proficient in 18 languages. 

Don’t waste your gift.



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