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Marvel created a Chinese superhero? We got our own.|中国的超级英雄

Marvel recently announced that the first ever Chinese superheroes have officially entered the Marvel universe.Even though fans in China are happy, they can’t help noticing that these heroes are nothing like the Chinese hero we used to watch, well, except the fact that one of them uses sword as weapon.Let me introduce you three Chinese ancient heroes. 

盘古(Pan Gu)
It is said that once sky and ground wasn’t separated, the whole world was a chaos, Pan Gu was born in it.One day he woke up but couldn’t see anything in such a chaos, he got so angry and grabbed an axe. With a hard wave, the chaos in front of him got separated, things soft and light went up became sky, at the same time, things dirty and heavy went down became ground.This is imagined by ancient Chinese people to explain how the world started.

This story is called “盘古开天辟地(pán gǔ kāi tiān pì dì)”

大羿(Da yi)
大羿(dà yì ) was abandoned by his parents when he was five and grew up in mountains and forest . He was very good at archery. One day, there were ten suns in the sky and the people suffered a lot, he was appointed by emperor Yao to shoot nine suns down to save the world.This story is called “后羿射日(hòu yì shè rì )”Ps:There were two 羿 in Chinese history, one of them is the king of the Qiong state in Xia dynasty named 后羿 who was also good at archery, one of them is 大羿 who shoot nine suns, people tend to confuse these two people.

荆轲(Jing ke)
The most famous assassin in Chinese history.The Qin state was trying to unify the whole country, and its next target is the Yan state where Jing ke served the Prince Dan of Yan. Jing ke decided to assassinate emperor Qin immediately when Dan asked for his help. Unfortunately he failed to change the history of China but he is still a hero for what he did.This story is called “荆轲刺秦王(jīng kē cì qín wáng )”

There are so many Chinese heroes I didn’t mention in this article. As you can see, Chinese hero is a little bit different from Marvel heroes, they are more like swordsmen, maybe they don’t have superpower but they are willing to sacrifice themselves for other people. It’s not what heroes can do that make them heroes, it’s what they do that make them great.Let’s learn some Chinese words神话(myth)        shén huà

英雄(hero)         yīng xióng

开天辟地                kāi tiān pì dì

箭术(archery)    jiàn shù

刺客(assassin)  cì kè

牺牲(sacrifice)   xī shēng


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