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What troubles foreigners in China? | āáǎà S3 老外在中国的“心累”时刻

Our new episode of  street interview āáǎà is coming out finally. This time we focus on the topic ” What troubles you in China?”.  Some foreigners give us perfect answers that I assume might spark an echo in your heart.

Unconscious Offence

The guy address a lady as “小姐” and displease the girl. Awkward! !


Pls. note:

“小姐 xiǎo jiě ” traditionally means young girl from a respectable family. However this phrase has a much popular meaning of ” prostitute”. Therefore it shall no longer be used. It is better to address a lady as” 女士 nǚ shì ”

“小姐姐 xiǎo jiě  jiě” is a phrase emerges  recently and  is used to address a female person, who usually a little bit older than you,  somewhat mature but also young and cute at the same time.

Straightforward Love


Many our foreign friends might possess the stereotype that Chinese people are conservative and  shy. We are not good at express our love to other people. Well, that did happen in the past but nowadays we are more open-minded than you expect.


Celebrity Aura


Some foreign friends might be stared by people when they  are walking on the street in China, like  they are  super stars  .

Well,  Chinese people are just being curious since they look a bit different. No offense.

Terrible Traffic

With the developement of  food delivery industry, the number of e-bikes goes furiously and the great amount of e-bikes that run wild on the road may annoy you and that concerns Chinese government too. In the begining of 2018 the government put a ban against e-bike. The dirvers who don’t have E\F driving licence will be given heavy fine. Be careful if you ride e-bikes 


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