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Have a “chicken dinner” everyday./天天吃鸡

Have a “chicken dinner” everyday./天天吃鸡

When you jump off the PUBG plane with Chinese teammates, communication will be the basic guarantee of your survival. Apparently,you have been learning serious Chinese long enough, today, I will show you some helpful oral Chinese(黑话) in PUBG.


In this game, you will be on a plane with your group,you can decide when or where to jump.

After you jump out of the plane, you have to find a place to land, you can use following sentences in this situation:

 men tiào  ?/ men tiào zhè 

(Where are we going to jump?/Let’s land here.)

Key Word: 跳伞(tiào sǎn )


As long as you are in the battleground, you have to play with your intellegence.

You and your teammates gotta make a plan and survive.

Key word:策略(cè luè )

A perfect plan helps you win the game.


I need more loot.

 还   hái   xiǎnɡ  zài 

duō   sōu  yī  huìr  ér 

When you fight in the battleground ,

you have to fetch enough goods to guarantee your survival, medicine, ammo, weapon.

You can fight your way out with these goods.

Key Word:搜刮(sōu guā )


It’s vital to collect information during a war.

In the game, dangerous is everywhere, 

you have to keep

an eye on your enemy.

I take care of north side.

 kàn zhe běi miàn 

Key Word:侦查(zhēn chá )


Winning the game is a team work

Communicate with your group is of the most significant.

You have to share what you know about the battleground.

Key Word:分享(fēn xiǎng)


I think there is nothing to say in this part…….

So……I will just wish you Good luck and Have fun.

Key word:进攻(jìn gōng )

At Last,I’m going to teach you the most important Chinese you would use in PUBG: 救命啊(jiù mìng ā )!!!!!!!!

PLZ,remember this phrase……will be helpful one day……



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