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Popular Chinese Buzzwords |“戏精”、“尬聊”、“油腻”

Chinese Buzzwords



 Xì jīnɡ

戏  精


“戏精”  is used to describe a person who is keen on playacting in daily life. It is similar to ” drama queen/ king” or ” attention whore” in English. Although, it is a negative word, Chinese young people usually use it to tease their friends in a innocuous way.



ɡà liáo

尬 聊

“尬聊” is the equivalent of  “awkward chat” referring to inevitable chats with boring people. It is used when the person you are talking with lacks good communication skills, or when your mind wanders off, and the talk comes to a dead end.


yóu nì

油  腻

“油腻” literally  means ” greasy and oily” ,The phrase picked by netizens from a famous online article which described the middle-aged men who are rude, sloppy, or out of shape as “油腻”. However  recently it is more often to refer to unpleasant or insincere friendliness or politeness.



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