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Why is Chinese so difficult to learn? ——–Characters

We found the pronunciation is difficult in the last column. And today, I will talk something about characters which are the most important but hardest part of Chinese learning.

1 书法非画画(shū fǎ fēi huà huà)——calligraphy not painting

Characters’ shapes are attractive. Some non-Chinese students love calligraphies and then start learning Chinese.
But we should realize that calligraphy is not painting. Chinese characters always need squares so that we can hold the characters’ shapes.
The right way to write characters is to follow the strokes by steps. When you can write them in the correct strokes, it doesn’t matter if you write characters perfunctorily.

2 生僻字(shēng pì zì)——-Rare word

Let me take an example for you, “打喷嚏”(dǎ pēn tì)—-sneeze. This phrase is not hard to memorize but I promise if you ask Chinese to write this phrase for you, most of the people can not do it. 嚏(tì) is a difficult word to write. You just need to remember the phrase means sneeze. While other common words you need to write them down to memorize.


3 汉字间的组合(hàn zì jiān de zǔ hé)—–combinations of characters

Chinese characters almost have their own meanings. And they make up a lot of Idiomatic Usages which seem simple but have complex meanings.
“Why do the characters have such combinations”, this is the complaint what we always hear from students who are trying to memorize a complex phrase. Just like
“看电影”(kàn diàn yǐng)
“赏古诗”(shǎng gǔ shī)
“品故事”(pǐn gù shì)
Although their first words have the same meaning in the phrase, they all mean appreciate. But they have different combinations of different objects. And most of them are the fixed phrase, you can just remember them by writing and practicing.




生僻字——-Rare word
汉字—–Chinese characters
看电影—–watch the movie
赏古诗——-read the poetry
品故事——read the story


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