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How to improve Chinese speaking?

Before we think about this question, we should have a clear idea of why we learn Chinese. Find your purpose and find tips to learn Chinese.


1. To make a conversation with Chinese people

If you don’t need to master high level Chinese, you just need it to talk and chat with Chinese people. You should focus on the content while speaking. You don’t need to use the complex sentence, you can speak to Chinese with some simple words so that people can catch your meaning. And other importance for you is to avoid misunderstanding. Just like Chinese will say, I want to go to a sporting house. Chinese words have diversified meanings in the different situation.
EX: 算账(suàn zhàng) has two meanings in Chinese. First, is making an account, the other one means to argue with somebody.
If you just annoyed a person and hear this the sentence 我和你算算账(wǒ hé nǐ suàn suàn zhàng) from him, don’t think he is an accountant. He must be mad at you and tries to argue or even fight with you.



2. To chat online for fun

Nowadays people can get friends from different countries. Chinese have more than 1.4 billion population. So you may get a lot of Chinese friends. In this situation, how can you improve your Chinese to chat?
1)Emoji package
表情包(biǎo qíng bāo) Emoji package will help you a lot to chat with Chinese people. We use emoji package very often. You can pay attention to our chat. We will upload some emoji package every Monday.
2)Cyber words
With the development of the internet, the cyber words become more and more popular in Chinese daily life. We will not use regular Chinese in chatting but some cyber words. Such as 卧槽(wò cáo), we use this phrase to express our astonishment about something. It is common in Chinese chatting.



3. To master Chinese for living

These two cases are not formal learning. If you have learned Chinese before and you want to improve your spoken Chinese. You should pay attention to your speaking habit.
EX: 我吃过午饭了(wǒ chī guò wǔ fàn le)
I ate lunch.
Some foreigners will say, 我吃饭过了, they didn’t make mistake in this sentence, but Chinese people will take a little time to catch them because of their expression.
As an old saying said, Do as Romans do. Living in China, you should imitate our spoken habits. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. We are willing to help you and talk with you. The more practice you have, the better you will be.



算账(suàn zhàng)——-making an account/ be mad at somebody
表情包(biǎo qíng bāo)——emoji package
卧槽(wò cáo)——-shocking
午饭(wǔ fàn)——-lunch


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