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How to learn Mandarin Chinese for beginners 2

What do you think of learning Chinese? What will you do when you get new words in Chinese?
We found something interesting in foreigners learning Chinese. Listening plays an important role in Chinese learning.



Some non-Chinese speakers will study Chinese by listening. Listen and then repeat.
It is a good way to learn Chinese when you just want to talk and chat with somebody. But if you want to read and master Chinese, you need some tips to help your listening.
In Chinese, there are two concepts:

消极词汇(xiāo jí cí huì)—-passive vocabulary
积极词汇(jī jí cí huì)—-active vocabulary

You can use some vocabulary in daily life, while others you only know their pronunciations and their meanings, but not understand them totally.

In Chinese learning, this is a serious problem. We found some students abroad will try to remember the pronunciations of the words when they are taught a new phrase. But they pay less attention to the characters.
EX: If I told you, 主管(zhǔ guǎn) means supervisor in an online Chinese learning video, what will you remember?
Sometimes there are not only a simple phrase but a lot of new words in a short-time video, students will remember the (zhǔ guǎn) means supervisor. They just focus on pronunciation and pairing them with meanings. But if you ask them to write characters, they can not do it correctly.
That means 主管(zhǔ guǎn), is a passive vocabulary to them. If you want to learn Chinese more effectively, you should write down the characters time by time. That is the correct way to learn Chinese by practicing listening and characters writing.





(tīng lì shì xué xí zhōng wén de yì bǎ yào shi)

Listening is a key in Chinese learning

听力(tīng lì)———-listening
一把(yì bǎ)——–one/ a
钥匙(yào shi)——–key
消极词汇(xiāo jí cí huì)——–passive vocabulary
积极词汇(jī jí cí huì)———-active vocabulary
主管(zhǔ guǎn)——supervisor


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