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How to learn Chinese more effective?

As an old saying goes, do as Romans do. The most important thing in language learning is the environment. Make a comfortable environment to study Chinese. Let me tell you some GOLDFINGERS to help you study Chinese.

1 Improve your Chinese language consciousness

Language sense can help you get hold of Chinese. Watching more original Chinese anime or opera will help a lot. Some Chinese anime have English subtitle, you can enjoy them in your free time.
Such as the King’s Avatar. It is about E-sports. Lots of foreigners gave it a high score in MyAnimeList.net. And it has a large group of audiences in China. It is the most popular anime on bilibili.





2 Know more about Chinese modern culture

How to learn Chinese quickly?
If you want to know a language, you should know the culture first. Not only study online but also listen to Chinese people’s conversation.

The teacher will teach you simple words, you can use them to make a sentence, paragraph, even an article. But they will not tell you “666” means “very good, awesome” in China. You will not know “卧槽”(wò cáo) is the meaning of the real shocking. How to deal with these questions, the more Chinese TV shows you watch, the more Chinese cyber words you can use fluently.

Besides, just like proverbs in English, Chinese also have a lot of sayings. They are made by ancient Chinese, only to realize the characters you can understand them clearly.



3 More characters practicing

Is Chinese really difficult to learn? Not exactly. Even though you only know pinyin, you can’t pronounce it correctly. It is not a big problem.
You can talk to Chinese people by repeating it again, you can QQ them with pinyin.
The only thing difficult for you, and for most of the foreigners, is they can’t write and read the characters.
In Chinese culture, characters have their own meanings. Like “手(shǒu)”, it means hand. “足(zú)”, it means foot.
Each character has its special meaning. Ancient Chinese made a sentence by their combination.
So you should spend more time on characters practicing. Follow the right steps to write characters every day. Just like president Mao said, “good good study, day day up” which means study hard and make progress every day 好好学习,天天向上(hǎo hǎo xué xí, tiān tiān xiàng shàng).



Q:Do you know this saying, “上得厅堂,下得厨房”?


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