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The Yellow Mountains

Natural Features


Located in southern Anhui Province,Mount Huangshan,or Yellow Mountain covers an area of 250 square kilo- meters,of which 154 square kilometers are key scenic attractions. The mountain has 72 strangely shaped peaks,of which Celestial Capital Peak,Lotus Peak .and Brightness Apex are all over 1800 m above sea level with the impact of abrupt shooting majesty,grandeur,and delicate grace.

位于安徽省南部的黄山;片地山积约250平方公里,其中精华风景区域约 154平方公里。这里有奇峰72座,其中天都峰、莲花峰和光明顶都在海拔1800米以上,拔地极天,气势磅礴,雄姿灵秀。

The pines on the mountain are tall and have fascinating shapes. The famous Welcoming Guests(Yingke)Pine(1 500 years old)and See-Guest-Off Pine have become a symbol of being faithful,unyielding and hospitable. More than 200 days each year on Mt Huangshan are,misty and cloudy. The vapors coagulate to form a sea of clouds. As the clouds cloak the mountain,they give a feeling of being in fairyland.


Mt Huangshan holds the charms of all other famous mountains in China,and claims to be “the most spectacular mountain in the world”.It is as magnificent as Mt Taishan,precipitous as Mt Huashan,graceful as Mt Emei,and has the misty cloud of Mt Hengshan , the delicate rocks of Mt Yandang,and the pouring waterfalls of Mt Lushan. Xu Xia ke traveler and geologist of Ming Dynasty,visited Mt Huangshan twice and praised that“Once on top,one finds no other match一This is the acme!”and soon after,there is the saying“No mountain is worth seeing after a trip to the Five Sacred Mountains,but none of the Five is worth seeing after a trip to Huangshan”.

Mt Huangshan has more than -t00 famous scenic attractions , of which 140 have been developed and opened to tourists. Mt Huangshan is an integrated scenic zone with all the rare beauties of peaks,rocks,pines,clouds,and springs,particularly reputed for its four wonders of strange pines,grotesque rocks,cloud seas,and hot springs. There are not only 2lakes,3 waterfalls,16 springs,and 24 streams that add a charm to each other,but also the ancient traces of Quaternary glaciers found by China’s distinguished geologist Li Si-guang. The mountain is abundant with native plants and animal resources,and the wealth of water potentials provide the mountain with an additional amazing beauty.


Apart from the miraculous views of the natural landscape,the sites of human culture in Mt Huangshan are even more quantitative and brilliant.The broad-minded mountain has accepted and melted together in itself the cultural ideologies and events of all times and classes,and formed the distinctive culture of its own. It is the cradle of the influential school of landscape painting,and it preserves over 200 sites of delicate cliff inscriptions of the past times.

In December of 1990,UNESCO included Mt Huangshan on their World Heritage List as a groperty of the world, for both its natural and cultural values. In February 2004,Mt Huangshan National Geopark was approved by UNESCO as a site of the World Geological Parks on its list of World Network of Geoparks.

Mt. Huangshan is geologically that of fully developed granite,with faults and cracks interlacing each other to form various amazing caves and crevices. Located in the zone of subtropical monsoon,the temperature drop as the altitude increases. Meanwhile,there is a sharp difference between the amount of sunshine,and the local terrain is the dominating factor of the local weather,namely the distinctive mountain monsoon climate:foggy,humid,and rainy. The vertical zonality of the soils is obvious:yellow mountain soil below 900 m above sea level, yellow brown soil at the altitude from 900 m一1 600 m,and alpine meadow soil at the flat tops 1600 m一1 840 m above sea level.

黄山山体的花岗岩体发育完整,断裂和裂隙纵横交错,形成瑰丽多姿的洞穴、孔道。黄山处于亚热带季风气候区内,山高吞深,气温垂直递减。同时,北坡和南坡受阳光的辐射差大,局部地形对其气候起主导作用。形成了特殊的山区季风小气候—一云雾多、湿度大、降水多。黄山土壤的垂直分布地带特性明显,海拔900米以下为山地黄壤,900一1 600米为山地黄棕壤,1 600一1 840米为山顶平台地域的高山草甸土。





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