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Funny Chinese Phrases

In this article, I have tried to share 10 Chinese phrases which I consider funny. I have also provided the pinyin, a translation and the general meaning of the said expressions.


负心汉 (fù xīn hàn)


“a man who lost his heart”


The expression used to describe a man who cheated on his wife.


母老虎 (mǔ láo hǔ )


“Woman tiger”


母老虎 refers to a very aggressive woman. The woman is very quick to anger and temperamental, especially with her boyfriend or husband.


傻蛋(shǎ dàn)


“Stupid egg”


The expression used to describe someone who is stupid.


二百五(èr bǎi wǔ)




A Chinese emperor wanted to punish the murderers who had killed his friend. In order to track the assassins, he proclaimed that his now deceased friend was an enemy of his kingdom and that he would reward whoever killed him with a bounty of 1,000 coins.

Four people showed however to claim the reward. The Emperor then said: “Give them 250 coins each (split the reward in four) and kill them.”

The meaning of 250 is basically someone who is stupid.


长舌妇(chánɡ shé fù)


“Long tongue woman”


A woman who enjoys and spreads gossip is called a “long tongue woman”.


走狗(zóu ɡǒu)


“A dog which follows”


This term refers to Chinese who used to collaborate with the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese War. It basically means “traitor”.


落汤鸡(luò tānɡ jī)


“A chicken falls in the soup”


This expression simply means someones who gets soaked.


花花公子(huā huā ɡōnɡ zǐ)


花花 means “flower” and “公子” means “man”.


A 花花公子 is a playboy, a man who has many women in his life. In this expression “flower” refers to women.


你算哪棵葱(nǐ suàn nǎ kē cōnɡ)


“Which onion are you?”


This expression is used to refer to someone who you looked down upon.


吃豆腐(chī dòu fu)


“Eat tofu”


This expression is used to describe a pervert, a man who will try to touch women without their agreement.


If you’d like to share your own phrases please leave a comment.


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