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10 Words for “Rich” (“Wealthy”) in English and Mandarin

I’ve got a vocabulary challenge for you. How many words for “rich” (as in “wealthy”) can you think of in English off the top of your head?

Now, how many can you think of in Mandarin?

I’ve collected ten of each that I will share with you now.

10 Words for “Rich” (“Wealthy”) in English:

1. rich

2. wealthy

3. affluent

4. well-off

5. well-to-do

6. made of money (informal)

7. rolling in it (informal)

8. filthy rich (informal)

9. loaded (informal)

10. in the money (informal)

10 Words for “Rich” (“Wealthy”) in Mandarin:

1. 富有 fùyǒu

2. 富裕 fùyù

3. 有钱 yǒuqián

4. 阔 kuò (informal)

5. 趁钱 chènqián (informal)

6. 万贯 wànguàn, as in 腰缠万贯 yāochánwànguàn (“wealthy”) and 万贯家财 wànguàn jiācái (“great wealth”)

7. 优裕 yōuyù

8. 宽裕 kuānyù

9. 腰里横 yāolǐhèng (Northern Mandarin slang)

10. 流油 liúyóu, as in 富得流油 fù de liúyóu (“have great riches”) (Northern Mandarin slang)

Any more you can think of? Comments welcome.

Source: http://carlgene.com/blog


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