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Have you ever had “回笼觉” (huí lóng jiào)?

Feeling it hard to get out of bed in winter morning? Want to go back to sleep after turning off the alarm clock? Most of us have had unprotected sleep, which means turning off alarm clock and immediately going back to sleep, risking not waking up for a job, class or other daily task. It's called "回笼觉" (huí lóng jiào) in Chinese. 


1. yīnwèi shuìle èrshí fènzhōng de huílóngjiào, wǒ cuòguòle bānchē, zhǐnéng zǒuqù xuéxiào.


After twenty minutes of unprotected sleep I missed the bus and had to walk to school. 

2. shìshí zhèngmíng, yǒude rén shuì yícì "huílóngjiào", báitiān de jīngshén hé qíngxù cháng néng bǎochí liánghǎo.


It proves that one usually keeps in good mental and emotional conditions in the day after taking an unprotected sleep in the morning.  

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