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How to say “kiss-ass” in Chinese

In the Yuan Dynasty, each Mongolian family had a few horses. When two people met each other leading their horses, they always patted the crupper and touched the fat of the other's horse with a casual praise "Good horse!" in order to win the heart of horse owners. But later on, there were some people who gave compliment, no matter whether the horse was strong or not. "拍屁" (pāi mǎpì) means someone praises a lot to please others without regarding the reality. We can call the suck-up "马屁精" (mǎpì jīng) in Chinese. It can also be expressed as "拍某人的马屁" or "给某人拍马屁" (lick one's shoes). 



1. búyòng pāi mǎpì, nǐ yīnggāi zhuānxīn bǎ zìjǐ de gōngzuò zuòhǎo


No flattery! You should focus on your own business. 

2. tā zhīsuǒyǐ shēngzhí nàme kuài, wéiyī de yuányīn jiùshì tā měishí měikè dōu zài pāi mǎpì.


The only reason he's moved up so fast is by sucking up all the time.

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