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How to choose a Chinese name for a boy

Chinese parents choose names for their kids very carefully, always involves group discussion and superstitious consideration. At different time periods, parents' preferences for names have changed with fashion. If you want to give your kid a Chinese name, you can choose either one of the characters or two characters from the list. Generally speaking, most Chinese parents choose names by the following principles: meaning, special significance, family connection and sound.

Most Chinese names are made up of three characters. Family name always comes first, and the last two characters are the given name. But sometimes you can find a four-character name for few peoples whose family names are made up of two characters. The following 10 words are the mostly used in China for a boy, and various combinations come with them.

1. 宇 yǔ: Literally means the edge of the roof, later means boundary of house, space and universe. Parents choose this character for its beautiful sound and its meaning for good grace.

2. 博 bó: Literally means large, wide and open. It gives people impression of an erudite person with lots of experience and abundant recourse.

3. 浩 hào: Literally means huge and vast. It is a synonym of 博 bó.

4. 涵 hán: Means to contain, and to dive under water. When using for boy's name, it refers to an educated person with good virtue. And it is also used for names of water areas.

5. 杰 jié: Literally means intelligent people. Additionally, it refers to extraordinary, distinctive and prominent. Since it represents the good characters of people's wisdom and ability, parents choose this character with good will.

6. 轩 xuān: Literally means a specially made vehicle for knowledgeable people and officers in ancient time and it differs from its decoration of fish, rhinoceros and so on. Later it refers to rise and boost. Chinese parents name their children with this character to send their wishes for a promising and smooth future.

7. 毅 yì: It means strong-minded and decisive. It shows an important characteristics of men.

8. 然 rán: Originally it means correct and to affirm. Normally this character is placed at the end of a two-character name. For example: 宇然 yǔrán, 浩然 hào rán, 毅然 yì rán, etc.

9. 文 wén: This character is widely used for people's name for its good meaning of magnificent, graceful, polite, resourceful and civilized.

10. 睿 ruì: means intelligent and wise. Normally it is placed at the beginning of the name, for example 睿博 ruìbó, 睿杰 ruìjié, 睿文 ruìwén etc.

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