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Cake culture: 蛋糕文化 (dàn gāo wén huà)

Do you eat cakes in the circumstances when a new colleague joins you, when one gets married, when one gets back from vacation, when one quits the job, and even for no reason? The office "cake culture" has worried health experts. It brings about obesity and tooth problems. For many, the office has become the main place where they have the most "sugar intake". For those trying to lose weight and keep fit, they have to give way to the tempting donuts, biscuit or chocolate. 


Office "cake culture" in which staff bring in treats for birthdays and celebrations is becoming a daily health hazard and should be stopped, experts have advised. 


In recent years, it has become popular for workers to offer birthday cake to colleagues or bring back sugary gifts from their holidays. 


But the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has warned that in large offices, sweets and cakes have become a daily occurrence and the growing trend is contributing to poor oral health and the obesity epidemic. 


The faculty says that "combatting cake culture" should be a New Year's resolution of workplaces in 2017. 


Source: China Daily


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