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Is “抱佛脚” (bào fó jiǎo) a religious term?

“抱佛脚” (bào fó jiǎo), literally meaning "to embrace the feet of Buddha", actually means dealing with something in a hurry because of no preparations for it. It's a hasty last-minute effort. 


In ancient times, there's a country where the people believe in Buddhism and they're merciful and lenient, even the criminals can be exempted from death penalty. Thus, the government decides to make regulations, in which any condemned criminal can be exempted from death penalty, as long as he embraces the feet of Buddha in a temple, confesses to his sins sincerely and becomes a monk. Later, people use "抱佛脚" (bào fó jiǎo) metaphorically to describe a person who makes efforts in a hurry, without previous preparations. 



1. Shì dào rú jīn, nǐ zhǐ néng qù bào fó jiǎo le, kàn hái néng bù néng wǎn jiù.


You have to make a hasty effort now although it's a question whether it works or not.

2. Měi cì kǎo shì nǐ dōu lín shí bào fó jiǎo, nǐ jiù bù néng píng shí hǎo hao xué xí ma?


You make hasty preparations before every exam. Can't you study a little harder in peacetime?

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