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Are you a sharent?

Are you the parent that shares the pictures of your children on social media too much? If you're single without a child, do you hate the behaviors of overuse of social media to share contents based on their children? 

In Chinese, such a behavior is called "晒娃" (shài wá; sharenting). It was The Wall Street Journal that first created this term. 

Sharenting is the habitual use of social media to share news and images of one's children. Social media has made "sharenting" easier than ever. 


A new survey found that more than half of mothers and a third of fathers acknowledge that they share the ins and outs of raising their children online. 


Sharents are mums and dads who compulsively post pictures and blog, tweet about their offspring. 

“晒娃党”(shài wá dǎng)就是指忍不住在博客等社交网络上发布自家孩子照片或近况的父母。

Some parents have already started thinking more carefully about the online presence they have given their children. Others feel that the advantages of sharenting far outweigh any negatives. 



rú guǒ nǐ shì dān shēn gǒu, nán miǎn yào rěn shòu péng yǒu quān lǐ de nà xiē shài wá dǎng —— tā men jiù xiàng yí gè dà guǎng gào, shàng miàn xiě zhe "lái, kàn kan wǒ de jiā tíng!"


If you are single, it's inevitable for you to live with those sharents on various social media – the images of the children are just like a big advertising board that reads "Come look at my family!" 

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