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Xmas is coming, so is your bargain on Chinese lessons

Christmas is just around the corner. You can feel it in the air, in the busyness preparing for a family reunion party, and in the shopping promotions. Another thing you shouldn't miss out this year is a cost-efficient language learning deal. 

Chinlingo, a professional learning platform providing Chinese learners with 1-on-1 live Chinese lessons, is offering the biggest discount for the upcoming Christmas season. You can book a trial class, for free. For only $99, you'll get 10 lessons. Once you make an appointment with us, you'll get a $50 voucher, which will be valid from Jan 4 till Mar 31, 2017. Check more details below. 

Christmas & New Year deal:  

Valid period: Dec 23, 2016 – Jan 3, 2017

How to use the $50 voucher:

It can be used once you spend $200 or more in buying Chinlingo's Chinese lessons, either 20 lessons, 50 lessons or 100 lessons. After you get the voucher, just move on to appointment, registration and purchase.  

Learn a new language in the new year. Why not? 

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