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Palace Museum’s calendar books become a hot seller

Calendars turned into luxuriously illustrated books, often are highlights of China's book scene at the end of the year.


The most popular is the Palace Museum Calendar, which has sold 1.3 million copies since it was first issued in 2010. The first printing of the 2017 version-300,000 copies-is sold out.


For 2017, the Palace Museum Press is offering a bilingual version with English and Chinese. The Beijing museum also is known as the Forbidden City.


"We saw a need abroad for understanding Chinese cultural traditions," said Wang Guanliang, director of the office that plans the calendar.


"We didn't expect that the market treats our publications as collectibles," Wang said. The 2010 version is now worth 80 times its original price, according to online sites for book sales.


Wang said that the calendar is inspired by Chinese zodiac animals, and is illustrated with photos of relics from the Palace Museum's collection of some 1.82 million antiques ".


"Most of the calendars are like art books. For young readers, they are portable, affordable, and chic to have," he added.


Their calendar for 2017 is full of cute animals, with a QR code for each day offering updated online content.


If scanned using an augmented reality app, it displays videos of celebrities reading poems.


Source: CRI


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