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Chinese word: 作业 (zuò yè)

If you are learning Chinese, you must be quite familiar with the word "作业" (zuò yè). Usually, after the class, the teacher will leave some excises as "作业". That's right! This word means assignment or homework. 

The assignment you have in class is called "课堂作业" (kè táng zuò yè). The assignment that you have to finish after class is called "课外作业" (kè wài zuò yè). 

Besides theses, do you know there is another meaning of the word "作业"? It also refers to "work, task, operation or production". The word in this sense always appears in the phrase "水下作业" (shuǐ xià zuò yè), which means "underwater operation" and the phrase "野外作业" (yě wài zuò yè) meaning "field work". It's also a verb, meaning "to carry out an activity". 


yuán gōng jìn xíng gāo kōng zuò yè shí, yīng gāi yǒu zhī jià huò xié tī ràng tā men zhàn wěn, huò zhě yuán gōng yīng gāi yǒu ān quán dài huò jiù shēng suǒ bǎo hù. 


When employees are working aloft, either scaffolds or a sloping ladder shall be used to afford safe footing, or the employees shall be protected by safety belts and lifelines.

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