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How to say “feelin’ yourself” in Chinese

Feelin' yourself refers to the state of having a sense of self-confidence. You are so pleased with the way you look that you would like to show it through everyday actions. What's more, you assume that others would think the same way.

“自恋”(zì liàn)指很有自信的一种状态。你对自己的外貌非常满意,所以会在日常的行为中充分展示。而且,你觉得别人也是这么看你的。


A:"I look so good!" 

A: 我看上去美极了!

wǒ kàn shàng qù měi jí le

B:"you need to chill. You are feelin' yourself way too much.

B: 你还是冷静一下吧,你这也太自恋了。

nǐ hái shì lěng jìng yí xià ba, nǐ zhè yě tài zì liàn le.

Source: China Daily


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