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Toxic employee: 有毒员工 (yǒu dú yuán gōng)

Most of us have had to endure a corrosive fellow member of staff on one or more occasion during our working lives. 

在工作中,大多数人不得不在很多场合忍受“有毒员工”(yǒu dú yuán gōng)。

He or she may in fact be good at their job, but their bad behavior – everything from selfishness, bullying, rudeness, being overly-domineering, or even just being constantly too loud and opinionated – and can have a devastating impact on staff morale. 


In academic circles, such a problem employee is now more often described as "toxic". 


One 2015 report by Harvard Business School estimated that keeping a toxic worker on the payroll can cost an average firm more than $12,000 a year. 


A separate study said that the annual financial impact of a toxic employee could be even more onerous. 


Source: China Daily


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