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Are you a “加班汪” (jiā bān wāng)?

Long working hours are a way of life in China, no matter what the industry is. According to one estimate by a researcher at Beijing Normal University, Chinese workers log an average of 2,000-2,200 working hours each year – far higher than their counterparts in the United States (1,790 hours per year), the Netherlands (1,419), Germany (1,371) and even Japan (1,719), according to OECD statistics. 


Working overtime is annoying, but they have to work overtime due to the great stress from increasing living cost and fierce competition. "加班汪" (jiā bān wāng) refers to the white-collar workers who often work overtime. 


In one video that went viral this summer, an amateur Shanghai choir devoted a tongue-in-cheek song to their status as "overtime dogs" entitled "My Body Is Hollowed Out". (So far, the sofa is so far)


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