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Silver tsunami: 银发族海啸 (yín fà zú hǎi xiào)

The "silver tsunami" is coming. The baby boomer generation is beginning to hit retirement age, and companies must prepare for what could be a major exodus. 

“银发族海啸”(yín fà zú hǎi xiào)就要来了。婴儿潮一代将开始到达退休年龄,公司必须准备好应对劳动力的大量减少。

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as many as one out of ten workers will retire either this year or the next. Losing 10 percent of its employees can hit a company incredibly hard if it's not prepared. Just how does a business brace for the loss of so many workers? 


A new study suggests that 2041 will see Hong Kong's overburdened public hospitals face a massive rise in patients due to a "silver tsunami". 


The "silver tsunami", which refers to aging baby boomers born after World War Ⅱ, will account for 76 percent of the increase by then. To handle the surge in healthcare requirement, researchers have suggested building new facilities, recruiting more foreign doctors and improving chronic disease prevention. 


Source: China Daily


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