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Chinese phrase: 墙头草 (qiáng tóu cǎo)

The grass on the top of a wall sways with wind. This word is used to refer to a person who doesn't have his own view, go with the stream, and have it both ways. That kind of people who bend to the powerful side usually change their minds according to the realities of the situation.



1. Wǒmen zuòshì yīnggāi jiānchí zìjǐ zhèngquè de kànfǎ, bùnéng zuò qiáng tóu cǎo.


We should hold to our own right views, and mustn't become floaters.

2. Tā zhègè rén shuí lìhai jiù tīng shuí de ,zhēn shì gè qiáng tóu cǎo.


He always follows to the person who is more powerful, what a fence-sitter!

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