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What’s “落汤鸡” (luò tāng jī)?

"落汤鸡 (luò tāng jī)", literally meaning "soaking wet chick", is used to describe how someone looks like when he's soaked wet. It also metaphorically refers to a person who suffers great loss in fame and property. 



1. Yǔ tài dà le, wǒ bèi lín chéng luòtāngjī le.


What a heavy rain! I was wet through and through.

2. Dàjiā dōu méi dài yǔsǎn,suǒyǒu rén dōu bèi lín de xiàng luòtāngjī.


No one has umbrella. Everybody got soaked like a drenched chick.

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