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How to understand “老司机” (lǎo sī jī)

Well, "老司机" (lǎo sī jī) doesn't mean a "skilled driver" as it indicates. That's why you should read on to know its real meaning. It refers to an experienced person in some field. Calling a person "老司机" shows one's admiration and respect for the person, somewhat humorous. 

"老司机" originally referred to the experienced cab drivers in Yunnan, who were familiar with places where the passenger can flirt with a prostitute. Later, it referred to those netizens that have abundant porn videos and are happy to share them with other netizens. Now it refers to an experienced person, or a veteran, in some field. You can understand the word in the ways bellow. 


xī lā lǐ kè lín dùn shì wán zhèng zhì de lǎo sī jī


Hillary Clinton is a political veteran.     


nǐ fù qīn shì gè liǎo jiě nèi mù de rén, tā rèn wéi zán men huì cān zhàn ma


Your father's an insider. Does he think we'll get in the war?

Old/skilled driver: 

The literal translation also makes sense. 

lǎo sī jī dài dài wǒ


Skilled driver! Give me a ride, please!

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