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Are you a “工作狂” (gōng zuò kuáng)?

Job comes first? The day of rest never comes? The person can be a workaholic? In Chinese, a workaholic is called "工作狂" (gōng zuò kuáng). "工作狂" refers to a person who works excessively hard for unusually long hours, sometimes even a bit obsessively. He or she may enjoy the work, or feel compelled to work. The word can be a commendatory or derogatory term. Look at the two examples below to learn how to use the word correctly. 

1. Tā yìtiān gōngzuò shíjǐ gè xiǎoshí, méiyǒu jiàqī, yě méiyǒu zhōumò, shì gè diǎnxíng de gōngzuòkuáng.


He is a typical workaholic, working more than ten hours every day, with no holidays and no weekend.

2. Gōngzuòkuáng dōu yǒu bùtóng chéngdù de xīnlǐ wèntí.


Workaholics always have psychological problems of differing degrees.

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