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Up-to-date Chinese words: 川普 and 闺蜜

Recently, the political circle has grabbed attention from people all over the world one after another. So I'd like to introduce you two very hot words today. I bet you would surely stun the Chinese natives, once you speak them out in a talk with them.


1. 川普 (chuān pǔ) – Trump

In the other day, an incredible guy won in the US presidential election, and his success has become a household story. What else can be more sensational on the earth? It has made a stir in the United States of America and even the whole world! So who is it? Donald Trump, of course! He has been a businessman, writer, anchor and actor, but now is the US president-elect. In China, Chinese people call him "川普" (chuān pǔ), a standard transliteration from "T-RUM-P". However, "川普" means "Sichuan Putonghua" or "mandarin with a Sichuan accent" as well. Coincidently, it has been found that Trump often used non-standard words and pronunciation when speaking on the campaign trail. It is just a subtle and perfect translation.

最近,一个牛人当选美国总统的故事可谓是谓家喻户晓,恐怕没有什么事儿可以盖过他的风头了,整个美国为之轰动,整个世界为之颤抖啊! 那么如此神奇的人物是谁呢?他是集著名商人,作家,主持人,演员以及如今的总统为一身的"唐纳德特朗普",而中国人喜闻乐见的名字当然是"川普"了,至于为什么这么叫,一个特别简单的原因就是音译,T-RUM-P,看,多么标准的音译啊!只不过巧合之处在于,当在中国某一方言区的人说普通话时都会带有相关方言的发音,比如,我们自然地就叫说普通话的广东人"广谱"(带有广东口音的普通话),"川普"也同理了,而且据英语好的童鞋说,川普在美国演讲的时候,整体用词和发音都有点不那么正式的感觉,所以就这么完美巧妙地结合起来了……

2. 闺蜜 (guī mì) – confidant

Either the Confidant Scandal-hit South Korean President Park Geun-hye, or the Confidant Scandal between Hillary Clinton and her aide has taught us that a confidant is so powerful that it can even change history! Confidant, "闺蜜" (guī mì) in Chinese, refers to the best friend of a female. "闺" means "boudoir", and "蜜" means "confidential or secret". By contrast, the best friend of a male is called "哥们儿" or "兄弟" ( "bro" in English), but they are not as popular as "闺蜜" presently. 


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