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Camgirl – 网络女主播 (wǎng luò nǚ zhǔ bō)

Camgirl, known as "网络女主播" (wǎng luò nǚ zhǔ bō) in Chinese, is a girl or young woman who broadcasts live pictures of herself over the web. 


In the past couple of years there has been an online explosion in the number of personal Webcam sites. More people are choosing to live in front of a camera, hooked up to the Internet via a high-speed connection. 


Most are girls and young women broadcasting from the most private spaces of their bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. These "Camgirls" rule the world of amateur Web sites, attracting thousands of hits daily. Some have become self-made celebrities. 


Individuals in this profession often charge a fixed fee per minute, however many encourage viewers to purchase items on online wish lists or to add money to online accounts. They may also earn money through advertising. 


Source: China Daily


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