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Are “吃瓜群众” the melon-eating masses?

The internet catchwords are the latest fads that we have to keep up with, to understand the real implication of some common terms. The term "吃瓜群众" (chī guā qún zhòng) literally means the "melon-eating masses", but it refers to the onlookers who pretend to be ignorant of the facts. We can understand the word in these ways: 


qín kǎi gěi hé zī dài shàng jiè zhǐ bìng xiàng quán chǎng de "chī guā qún zhòng" shù qǐ le dà mǔ zhǐ. 


Qin Kai placed the ring on He Zi's finger and gave a "thumbs up" to the spectators. 


shǎo shù chī guā qún zhòng zhàn zài chǎng dì lǐ guān kàn.


A handful of onlookers stand in the field watching.

In the days of new media, one will be outdated if he fails to keep up with the latest fads, such as internet catchwords and the background. The masses have to go with the flow and stay tuned.  

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