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4-year-old girl can speak 7 languages, including Chinese

A four-year-old girl literally stunned audiences when she spoke seven languages fluently on a TV show.

The video of Bella Devyatkina is now wowing people all over the world after she easily switched languages.

The young talent participated in the Russian reality TV show 'Udivitelniye Lyudi' (Incredible People), impressing judges in Moscow with her remarkable language skills.

Besides her native Russian, Bella also speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic – that includes the six official United Nations languages with the addition of German.

The most incredible part is that Bella is actually able to communicate in these languages, as her knowledge exceeds the vocabulary of simple 'small talk'.

During the show she managed to answer questions based on a school curriculum in all these languages.

Bella's mother, Yulia, says that she started teaching her daughter languages at the age of two.

They started with English, but as soon as she noticed that Bella was interested in it, she began adding other languages.

Bella practices English with her mother and is tutored by native speakers for other languages.

Unsurprisingly, language specialistshave been just as impressed as Bella's global audience.

One linguist and language expert was quoted as saying: 'Such cases are rare but have happened in the past. Language centres in the human brain get switched on at different stages of development.'

He believes that Bella will not lose her knowledge, but warns that at some point it can become 'frozen' if she does not continue to use and practice it.

While she continues learning languages, cute Bella said she dreams of becoming a mermaid, like her favourite Disney character Ariel – who is perhaps one up on Bella for being able to speak to marine animals. 

Source: Daily Mail


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