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Foreign language on clothes – a fashion or a ridicule?

It is quite common to see Chinese people wearing clothes printed with English words, many of which may turn out to be a ridicule. 



However, the Chinese are not alone to experience such an embarrassment. A foreigner wearing a T-shirt printed with special Chinese characters may also experience the same embarrassment. 



A foreigner is coming … a foreigner is leaving.


Many netizens are much amused by the foreigner!



Recently, such a "Chinese fever" has gone viral in the fashion circle as well. The fashion brands (SANKUANZ, Han Kjøbenhavn) from Denmark, originally keeping to the European and American style, have shifted to the Chinese style dramatically. Traditional Chinese characters, too big to be neglected, are printed on their apparels, like "shopping fighter", "leather chair fight", "roundhouse kick and white toast". 



Well, speaking of fashion, how can we leave out the square dancing that gets popular all over China?


The designer of the apparel below must be a foodie. Gosh! That drives me hungry now!



Raisin plus almond, yummy yummy

葡萄干和杏仁一起吃 可真好吃

Green beans plus dried pineapple slices, yummy yummy

青豆和菠萝干一起吃 可真好吃

Pineapple plus hazelnuts, yummy yummy

菠萝和榛子一起吃 可真好吃

Dried grape, dried pineapple slices, almond, petits pois and nuts


all together, yummy, yummy, 

一起吃 可真好吃




To be serious, it reminds me of PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) that went viral online shortly ago.


"From heaven to earth, I'm the one." Oh, my girl, you are dressed so dramatically! Such a domineering coat surely doesn't suit an ordinary person like me. 



And in the pictures below, the exaggerated splicing and mixing of colors collocates with the characters "浑", "呸", "呵呵" and "正常" (meaning "silly", "pooh", "hoho", and "normal" respectively) Do you like such a fashion?



Here are the comments by Chinese netizens:


"Are you sure they are not translated by Google?"


"Finally I know what foreigners feel about the English words on our clothes." 


"Aren't they exactly the WordArt?"


"Such deigns would probably be undesirable in China." 


"Oh, awesome Chinese characters!"


Thus, get to understand the culture of a language before putting on a coat printed with the language. Characters or words that are hard to understand do not mean fashion, but may be ridicules for the native speakers of the language. 


The article is translated and editted by Chinlingo. Please indicate the source for any use, reproduction or transfer. 



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