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5 popular Chinese swear words

Here's a list of five most useful and popular Chinese swear words, necessary for survival Chinese:

1) The F-Bomb: 我操 (wǒ cào)

In the above version, the second character means, "f*ck." Some common variants of this character include 草 ("cao") or 靠 ("kao").The use of this one is exactly the same as the precious English F-bomb, however to me it still loses to my Polish counterpart – "kurva," also appreciated by some foreigners.

2) Bitch: 傻屄 (shǎ bī)

Imagine – It's 2 or 3 a.m., super cold or rainy and a drunk crowd is waiting outside on the Bund, trying to get a taxi. If you implement your evil plot and jump out of nowhere, stealing the cab just right in front of someone, then – assuming the person is Chinese – expect to be called "shǎbī"– that means for them you are a "stupid bitch/asshole."

3) F*ck Off!: 滚开/ 滚蛋 (gǔn kāi/gǔn dàn) 

Again, picture the above Bund situation. If you feel the need to defend your honor for being called "shǎbī," you might want to shout back, "gǔn kāi /gǔn dàn,"  or just "gǔn," which alone is more powerful than when assisted by kāi/ dàn and simply means "f*ck off!" Just be sure that first you lock the door.

4) Bullsh*t: 放屁 (fàng pì)

Picture this: you are at the fake market and there is this nice bag you want to buy for 80 RMB. The vendor keeps telling you it is real leather and won't go down below 300 RMB, calling you "my friend." You are so frustrated that you walk away, and he/she says, "Ok, Ok – 290!" Then you could ease the pain of your mental disappointment saying "fàng pì," which means nonsense or bullsh*t (although the literal translation means fart).

5) Dumbass: 残 / 脑子进水 (nǎocán/ nǎo zi jìn shuǐ)

The best example for the use. Imagine – it is summer, 35 degrees and you just parked your bike for a minute outside Family Mart to grab some nice, cold water. You get out only to see a person walking away with your vehicle, telling you it is theirs. After the first shock, and before you run to claim what is rightfully yours, you can say "nǎocán," which means that the self-proclaimed, new bike "owner" is a dumbass (the character 脑 stands for brain and 残 means incomplete or destroyed. The full meaning is brain dead or sh*thead) Or nǎo zi jìn shuǐ – where nǎo zi means brain and jìn shuǐ means water inside.

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