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What’s the benefit of using podcast to learn Chinese?

Studying with online language podcast services is increasingly popular. It's an attractive modern option that can offer a lot more than traditional textbooks and classes.The followings are the benefits of using podcast in learning Chinese.

– It's nearly always cheaper than taking traditional classes. 比传统课堂便宜。

– It's available anywhere. This is particularly relevant if you're not living in a country that speaks your target language. 随地可学。

– You can study in your own way. Self-directed study is often very motivating and effective. 按你的方式学习。

– There are usually different levels of subscription, giving you more choices in how much progress you make vs how much you pay. 进度和价格方面的选择面更广。

– It's often easier to cancel a subscription than get a refund on classes. 取消订阅更简单。

– It's a fun way to learn. The lessons / shows are usually engaging and enjoyable to listen to. 趣味学习。

– There's often additional background material available, such as culture and current affairs, which is an important part of studying a language. There's rarely any history coverage though, which would be good in my view. 通常有附加的背景材料,比如文化和时事,这些是语言学习的一个重要部分。

– You get way more listening practice than any textbook could give you. 有更多机会练习听力。

Source: eastasia.net


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