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Driven crazy ever? These Chinese words hit the spot

Have you ever been driven crazy by someone or something, but couldn't find a word to vent your anger in Chinese. The following Chinese words just hit the spot. Take a look. 

1. 逼疯

– Drive sb crazy/bananas

nà ge zào yīn kuài yào bǎ wǒ bī fēng le


That noise is driving me crazy.

nǐ wèn de nà xiē wèn tí dōu kuài bǎ wǒ bī fēng le


You're driving me bananas with all those questions.

– Drive sb up the wall / don't leave me any choice

gēn wǒ hé zū de rén kuài yào bǎ wǒ bī fēng le


My flat-mate is driving me up the wall.

My flat-mate doesn't leave me any choice. 

2. 真是够了 Enough is enough.

nǐ de bào yuàn wǒ yǐ jīng tīng de gòu duō le, zhēn shì gòu le


I've heard all the complaining from you that I can take. Enough is enough!

3. 崩溃、抓狂 Freak out

kàn jiàn zì jǐ kǎo le zhè me dī de fēn, wǒ jiù bēng kuì le


I freaked out when I saw my low test score.

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