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How to say “My aunt Flo is visiting” in Chinese

When the period comes, most women often feel ill and depressed. Interestingly, "on my period" is a great excuse for everything. Do you know how to say it in Chinese? 

Funny way: 

wǒ "dà yí mā" lái le 


My period is coming today. 

I'm having my period/I'm on my period. 

My period is over. 

I just had my period yesterday. 

My aunt Flo is visiting.

I'm having the painters in.

Charlie's come.

Plain way: 

lái lì jià le


I'm having my monthly period.

Direct way: 

lái yuè jīng le


I'm on the menstrual period. 

Euphemistic way: 

měi gè yuè nà jǐ tiān


That time of the month

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