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15 Chinese buzzwords you shouldn’t miss


1. 抢风头 steal the show/thunder

Taylor Swift totally stole the show when she showed up at my birthday party.


It is really unethical to steal the thunder from someone else.


2. 要疯了 go nuts

After two days of nonstop working, our crew members went nuts.


3. 忍着点 suck it up 

I know the finals are tough, but you just have to suck it up and deal with it.


4. 打脸 slap in the face 

The mayor promised that he will finish his term, so it was a slap in the face when he announced to run for president.


5. 照骗 flattering photo 

There are lots of tutorials on the Internet that teach you how to take a flattering photo of yourself.


6. 懒人包 for dummies 

If you want to study abroad, you can start by reading articles such as “Studying Abroad for Dummies."


7. 你少臭美了 you're so full of yourself 

A: I am a really nice boyfriend, right?

A: 我是一个超棒的男友吧?

B: You're so full of yourself. / Don't be a smug.

B: 你少臭美了!

8. 暖男 caring/considerate guy 

Does being a caring guy mean that I can finally get a girlfriend?


9. 起床气 get up on the wrong side of the bed 

A: What's wrong with her? She looks so mean today.

A: 她怎么了?今天看起来凶神恶煞。

B: Maybe she got up on the wrong side of the bed today.

B: 或许是她起床气还没消吧。

10. 肥宅 fat nerd 

I think calling people fat nerds is a type of bullying.


11. 负能量 negative energy 

Don't let other people's negative energy bring you down.


You should surround yourself with positive energy.


12. 低调 keep a low profile 

Jolin Tsai likes to keep a low profile, so she barely shows up on TV.


I told my boss that I was sick, so this party is a really low-key event.


13. 废到笑 funny crap 

There are lots of funny crap on YouTube.

YouTube 里面有很多废到笑的影片。

14. 傻眼、惊呆了 stunned; dumbfounded 

Everyone was stunned when Johnny announced he had a 9-year-old daughter.


15. 太瞎了 That's ridiculous 

You say you have over 2,000 friends on Facebook? That's ridiculous! It's not like you're famous.

你说你有超过2000个脸书好友?太瞎了吧! 你又不是什么名人。

Source: China Daily


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