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Why is iPhone 7 slogan a laughingstock for Cantonese?

Apple launched its new iPhone 7 last week.


This time, the company is using the slogan "This is 7".


It's quite dull. But over in Hong Kong, where Cantonese is spoken, the phrase a little more interesting.


Well, the US site Quartz explains that in Hong Kong, "seven," or "柒", is pronounced "chat", and is also slang for "penis."

美国网站的Quartz解释说,在香港,"7"或者"柒"发音是"chat"的发音, 这个发音跟俚语"【哔——】"的发音一样。

"This is penis". Well played, Apple.


Fortunately, chat isn't very offensive. It's used for the purposes of banter – friends might say "ha, you are so seven" if they see their friend say something stupid on Tinder, for example.People in Hong Kong are already laughing at Apple's new iPhone slogan.


On one Facebook post about the Chinese translations, one local mocked: "Without a 3.5mm earbud jack, this is exactly penis!".


Source: hjenglish


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