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How to compliment woman in Chinese

Wherever he or she comes from, everyone likes being complimented. Of course, it is the same case with Chinese people.However, the Chinese are basically modest. In particular, Chinese girls are reserved and shy. Those passionate and overstated compliments may not be accepted by them.



So how will you compliment a Chinese girl in your favor?




Nǐ de xīn yī fu tǐng hǎo kàn de。


The new dress looks pretty nice on you.


It is safe to use the character “挺”, when you describe the appearance, figure, wear or makeup of a girl. It is relatively acceptable to Chinese girls, as it indicates a degree lower than “很” or “非常” (very).




Nǐ jīn tiān mǎn piào liàng de ō。


You look pretty beautiful today.


“蛮” is used frequently by people in South China. It is a quite colloquial word, roughly the same as “挺”. It is a suitable word used to compliment a girl on her appearance, probably because Chinese girls don’t care so much about their appearance.




Nǐ zuò de cài tài hǎo chī le!


The dishes you made are extremely delicious.


“太” indicates a higher degree than “非常” (very). It is a quite suitable word used to compliment a girl on her capability. Rather than appearance, Chinese girls prefer your compliment on their abilities.




Nǐ de xiǎo gǒu zhēn kě ài。


Your puppy is so lovely.


Many Chinese girls likes keeping little pets. According to them, those who like pets are caring ones, and they would show special favor to such people.


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