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A talk on “还是”: Still, I love you very much!

"还是" is an active word in Chinese. Do you have a good understanding of it?


It falls into different parts of speech and is provided with varied uses.


As a conjunction, it implies options. For example, "Do you like apples or pears?"


As an adverb, it indicates a choice made after careful comparison and consideration. For example, "It is raining hard, so I would rather not go out."


Today, we'd like to discuss another use of it as an adverb, when it means "still". For example, "Despite of all these hardships, he still doesn't give up."


Recently , the post "我还是很喜欢你,像风走了八千里,不问归期" (I still love you very much, like the wind chasing after you eight thousand miles, not wondering the returning date) has stimulated a "Sina Microblog Cup Love Poem Contest", as various adaptations of the post have gone viral online. Along with them are the exclamations, "These adapters must have scored full marks in the Gaokao Chinese test!"


Here, "还是" means "still". "我还是很喜欢你" means "Anyhow, I still love you very much". It is touching because the word "还是" implies numerous hardships and much sadness, or a probably unrequited emotion. Now, let's enjoy the beauty of Chinese language from some of the adaptations:


Wǒ hái shì hěn xǐ huɑn nǐ, xiànɡ yǔ sǎ luò zài jí dì, bù yuǎn wàn lǐ. 


I still love you very much, like rain sprinkling far, far away onto the polar region.

Wǒ hái shì hěn xǐ huɑn nǐ, xiànɡ jīnɡ chén yú hái dǐ wēn róu hū xī.


I still love you very much, like a whale breathing quietly under the sea. 

Wǒ hái shì hěn xǐ huɑn nǐ, xiànɡ yún zhuī zhe fēnɡ, bú wèn hé qù.


I still love you, like a cloud chasing after the wind, not wondering the destination.

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