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Say ‘among’ with ‘dāng zhōng’ in Chinese

当中 (dāng zhōng) means "among", or more literally "in the middle of". In English this is a bit like "of", where you would say, "of all of my friends, you are the most loyal." Also, 当中 can be used to express being in the middle of an activity or process.

“当中”的意思是“among”,更直接点就是“在…之中”。这有点像英语里的“of”,你可以用它表达“of all of my friends, you are the most loyal (你是我所有的朋友当中最忠实的)”。另外,“当中”也可以用于表达一项活动或进程的中途。

Group + 当中/Process + 当中


nǐ shì wǒ suǒ yǒu péng yǒu dāng zhōng zuì cōng míng de yī gè.


Of all of my friends, you are the smartest one.

zài zhè yì bǎi gè xuǎn shǒu dāng zhōng wǒ biǎo xiàn de zuì chū sè.


Among these one hundred participants, my performance was the most outstanding.

zhè gè gōng chéng hái zài jì huà dāng zhōng.


This engineering project is still in the planning stage.

When used to express "among", 当中 is a little like 其中. However, 其中 means something more like "among the aforementioned", whereas 当中 simply means "among." Furthermore, 其中 cannot be used in relation to processes.


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