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A monologue by a cute panda

Hi, I'm a panda, the ever cutest animal on the earth. I'm called by my Chinese fans, "胖达" (pànɡ dá), "团子" (tuán zi) or "滚滚" (gǔn gun), but I don't like these names. Instead, I prefer to be called "萌萌" (méng meng; cutie). You know I'm the cutest.


Come on, give me five. Just call me "萌萌" in future.


I have fan clubs all over the world. Some of the fans have even flown to China to see my climbing show.


Why am I so poplar? I just want to enjoy my bamboo meal and climb the trees, quietly without being disturbed. Go away! You strange panda slaves. 


Some say they like me because of my "baby face", lumpy but cute. Well, they just don't understand the sadness of those with a big face. Nevertheless, when I see myself in the mirror, I can't help complimenting myself, "so cute".


Some say they like me because of my big eyes. In fact, it's the "smoky eye makeup" that makes my eyes look bigger. Let me show you what I look like after it is "removed", but do promise me that you will still love me. 


Well, still quite cute, isn't it? Despite of the little eyes, I have a big face. 


Some say they like my dressing style. Undoubtedly, the classic black-white suit will never get outdated! Moreover, I have the top-quality flocky fur clothing. Many people are eager to have a touch of it. 


Some say they like my temperament. Although I'm of the bear family, I live on bamboo and steamed bread. Usually I eat or sleep all day long, but I also do sports leisurely sometimes. 


Well, it is me. So distinctive. I'm not an ordinary bear. I'm your "萌萌".


I have to stop now. My climbing show will be on soon. See you next time!


[Key words]

萌 (ménɡ): (adj.) cute

胖达 (pànɡ dá): transliteration of panda 

娃娃脸 (wá wɑ liǎn): baby face

烟熏妆 (yān xūn zhuānɡ): smoky makeup; also called "panda makeup" 

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