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Podcast: You Feel Like Dating a Chinese Girl?

Generally, Chinese girls are shy and conserved. To ask them out, you should avoid the direct words, “I’d like to have a dinner with you.” Otherwise, you probably won’t get your desired answer.


As a typical Chinese boy who has dated with Chinese girls, I’d like to give you a suggestion, “ask more about their ideas”, which makes them feel respected and valued. Then it will become much easier to ask them out.






1、Wǒ néng bù néng qǐng nǐ chī fàn ne? 


Do you feel like having a dinner with me?


This question reflects your desire to have dinner with a girl, but it is the girl who is offered the right to decide. Surely, she will get well impressed by you!


2、Nǐ xiǎng bùxiǎng qù kàn kan wǒ de xiǎo gǒu? 


Would you like to visit my house and see my puppy?


A girl will feel herself valued at the inquiry about her willingness. Simple as it is, “想不想” will probably get you rewarded otherwise in the girl’s mind.


3、Nǐ yào bú yào zuò wǒ de chē?


Would you mind me giving you a ride?


An offer for help will always be a pleasure for girls.


4、Nǐ qù bú qù xīn péng yǒu de shēng rì pài duì? 


Would you be present in the new friend’s birthday party?


Instead of a direct invitation, detouring by asking about a girl’s scheduling is a tactful way, which fits Chinese girls better.


Key words in Chinese:能不能、想不想、要不要、去不去

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