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小公举 – A man can also be a princess

Step aside! Step aside! Don't you know me? The little princess…



Well, whose princess is it? So rude!  


Thought "小公举" was a female? You are wrong. 


Simply, "小公举" (xiǎo ɡōnɡ jǔ) is a mincing variation of "小公主" (xiǎo ɡōnɡ zhǔ, little princess). Now, it has been used by Chinese netizens to address some males, who have the "少女心" (shǎo nǚ xīn, girlish mind) and kind of "少女范" (shǎo nǚ fàn, girlish style) but are not "娘娘腔" (niánɡ niánɡ qiānɡ, sissy). 

"小公举(xiǎo ɡōnɡ jǔ)"简单地说就是"小公主(xiǎo ɡōnɡ zhǔ)——little princess"一种娇气的叫法,后来逐步发展成网友们对一些男性的称呼。而这类男性,最大的特点就是拥有一颗少女心(shǎo nǚ xīn),有一些少女范(shǎo nǚ fàn)的做派,但却丝毫没有娘娘腔(niánɡ niánɡ qiānɡ)。

There have appeared many fancy names for males in recent years, such as "小鲜肉" (a handsome young man) and "老腊肉" (a mature man), both of which went viral some time ago. Gradually, people got tired of these words, so "小公举" has come into being and got favored by netizens. Similar to "小鲜肉", "小公举" originated form the China's entertainment circle. 



The top Chinese pop singer, Jay Chou, is the first man to be called "小公举". The fantastic European castles and the pink heart-shaped cakes in the video of his wedding have revealed his "少女心". Since then, the name "小公举" has been widely accepted, and Jay himself doesn't mind being called this way. Even, he admitted frankly his "少女心", which has accelerated spreading and popularization of the word "小公举". 


Nowadays, this word has gradually been used by netizens to describe their male friends. There is such a "小公举" around me. He is fond of pink and often takes along with him facial masks when going on a trip. Are there any "小公举" around you? Share with us. 


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